Klang Skulptur      

Solar energy grand piano (1992)

- The sun creates the music -

In bright sunlight, when the solar cells installed on the top of the roof draw the most energy, we can hear 13 notes, playing from the lowest B (30,5 hz) to the highest B (3906,2 hz) in fifths across the keyboard.

The lowest note is repeated every 4 seconds, the highest every 2 seconds. As soon as the light level decreases (clouds, dusk), the number of notes also decreases, starting from the top of the scale. In twilight, all we can hear is the bass muttering in a slow rhythm.

Each note is written by a mechanism, fed with solar energy, which pulls one meter of paper per day across charcoal pencils, thus creating a weather report, a score of the day.

The solar sculpture was installed during the 100 days of the world famous art exhibition "documenta 9" in Kassel, Germany.

solar piano