The performance

Free piano improvisations 10 minutes to five hours.
Spontaneous musical interpretation of paintings at exhibitions, premieres.
Improvisation with dancing theater.
Experimental improvisation with synthesizers, computers and percussion.

No Net. No False Bottom. Venturesome and Genuine

Till Mertens is directly inspired from the atmosphere of his immediate surroundings. It is pure improvisation and at the same time a true and unrestrained portrayal of himself. From the initial tone, a dramatic musical struggle develops between man and piano, comparable to the sudden outbreak of a conflict between two loving people, in which a war of words leads to a final escalation.

An Acoustic Experience

"At times, his fingers delicately swept the keys of the piano only then to break out into a fit of energy, into a sort of Dadaistic-dissonant sound experiment. At other times the listener found himself in the eye of a cyclone, as if in a vacuum surrounded by flattering melodies."

HNA (press review)

A Spectacle

"His improvisations are performances that cannot be missed. With his eyes nearly always closed, he uses his entire body to play... not just his fingers, but also his elbows, fists, his torso and feet describe movements of an astonishing radius. Apart from the fact that his performance can only be called virtuoso, I felt that here was somebody who expressed the very innermost part of himself."


The LP "1.2.17 O' Clock"
Piano Solo, free improvisation

Nora von der Decken

Sound example